The sad the fact is that most individual injury vehicle accidents are perhaps not “accidents” at all – they might be avoided if a motorist exercised common sense. Here’s a review of a few of the largest offenders.

Motorists that are drunk or under the influence of substances

In the case of a DUI, you may need a personal injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale on your side.

Speeding. Not only does speeding increase the power of impact, it allows motorists less reaction time

Road rage – drivers who both take their frustrations out, either real or imagined, on motorists or simply take unnecessary risks

Deflected driving. In the spotlight as a result of cellphones, smart phones, texting and other cellular devices. But it’s also a problem with motorists who are currently eating, chatting using a passenger or shaving, correcting the stereo, applying makeup or reaching for an item in the vehicle

Exhausted motorists. Studies equate the response time of sleep-deprived motorists with drunk drivers

Mechanical failure.

General recklessness. This consists of everything from motorists who are rubbernecking at an accident scene rather than paying attention to visitors to drivers who think nothing of passing vehicles on the shoulder, accelerating to beat a red light or maybe not utilizing signals when changing lanes

How an Accident Attorney Can Help With Your Case

Other variables can be out of your control, too. An intersection could be badly designed, a roadway might be inadequately kept, and traffic lights may be in need of mending. Sometimes, the maker of the automobile itself, such as top-heavy SUVs that are prone to rollover accidents, could endure a substantial part of the responsibility for your own injuries.

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